Snow Day Predictor 2023 | Find Chance of Snow Day

Use your US Zip and Canadian Postal Code and find chances of next snow day with best snow day predictor.

How To Predict Snow Days Without an Online Snow Day Predictor?

What if you don’t have access to an online snow day school calculator app, or more likely just want to confirm the prediction made by your snow day

snow day tomorrow? And you are wondering will i have a snow day tomorrow?

We can help you with that too. I will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how you can be a snow day predictor yourself and show off your skills a bit in your class. Here’s how you do it:

school bus in a snowy day

1. Check The Hourly Snow Forecast or Use Snow Day Predictor

You cannot make a prediction based only on the weather condition the night before school. Keep track of the hourly prognosis of snowfall to make your forecasts more accurate. Or you can simply use a snow day predictor or calculator for snow day to be sure.

If it doesn’t snow after 10 pm, the chances are that the snow plowers will get rid of the snow on the road, and your school will open as usual. But if there is a blizzard at 7 am, your chances can brighten up a lot.

2. Measure The Amount of Snow

If it’s snowing, but there’s nothing crazy like a full-fledged storm or a blizzard, your school is less likely to close. You can check the measurements on any trustworthy weather update portal or do it yourself for a fun project.

snow calculator

3. Keep Track of your School’s History

How often your school call a snow day? What did your school do when you last had similar weather conditions? Have you often walked to school with your snow boots on or have enjoyed a hot chocolate at home instead?

A school’s track record of leniency is crucial in determining what the administration will do now. Some schools are rigorous at giving an off, while others may be more reluctant to deal with students shivering in the cold while returning home.

4. Type of School: Urban vs. Public

This is more important than you’d think. A smaller school with most of its students and faculty coming in on foot will have no trouble having classes during heavy snowfall. But with public schools relying on buses and other transport media, roads get blocked and students trapped within the school premises. Hence, such schools are more likely to give a snow day.

5. Check Social Media

It is a good idea to keep an eye on what other people are saying about an upcoming storm. The more hype it gains, the better are your chances of having a snow day. Keep checking social media for updates on snowday prediction.

6. Check Other Public Facilities

If libraries, halls, cinemas, and other public centers are announcing an off for the next day, chances are your school might too. Keep your ears open for such information to keep yourself up-to-date.

7. Use Your School’s Weather Station

You can use your school’s equipment to determine upcoming weather conditions with no school app. Ask your teacher for assistance, and this could also be a fun science project.

best snowday predictor app

Why Snow Day Predictor Is Useful

You are at school, taking your English class peacefully, and just as the professor asks you to turn over to page number 53, the murky grey sky starts to unleash a ton of snow. Not to forget the cold winds that will freeze you to your bones if you step out of school now. Darn it! How will you go back home now?

Only if you and your school had used any of the several online snow predictor tools like ours, would you be sitting at home comfortably and cozying up in your PJs enjoying some snow day activities.

children enjoying a view of snow. calculated using snow day predictor

So what are these snow calculators? What do they do, and how do they find next snow days? Check out all about them and more in this article. 

What Is A Snow Day Predictor?

A snow day predictor predicts the probability of your school getting canceled or delayed due to a foreseen snow day.

There are several such tools available on the internet.

How Does A Snow Day Predictor Work?

The online snow day predictors use a special algorithm to calculate snow days by entering your location and the type of school you go to. But that’s just the essential information you give the system. Snow day calc can also add other related factors to make a more accurate prediction,  such as your school’s history of leniency and snow removal speed in your area.

a snowy day calculator

How Legit Is Snow Day Predictor and Calculator?

Here is a golden question:

Is the snow calculator accurate? Does Snow Day Predictor make error-free prediction?

Snow day predictor and other similar apps collect weather forecasts and possible snow days from trusted sources, such as These forecasts are regularly updated to keep the information accurate. However, no matter how legit the software is, it is not a good idea to rely on snow calculator accuracy only. So always wait for your school’s final notice before making the last call.

Top 6 Snow Day Predictors in 2023

As we discussed before, there are tons of snow day predictors and calculator available these days in Canada and US. They all share the basic principle behind them, but the accuracy and ease of use can be varying. 

snowy day predictor

So here I am compiling a list of the five best snow predictors that are available online.

  1. Snow Day Prediction Calculator App
  2. Snow Day Chance Calculator
  3. Snow Forecast
  4. Snow Report & Forecast
  5. Snow Day Finder
  6. OpenSnow

1. Snow Day Prediction Calculator 2023 – Best Snow Day Predictor App

The app Snow Day Probability Calculator has been the go-to weather predictor that has helped my little brother and me countless times in school. It is the most reliable app out there; however, it is not free.

What I love the most about it is the ease of use. You open the app and are taken straight to the calculator. Second, it asks your zip code instead of your state name to narrow down the results. Third, the results are elaborate. You get a range for the chances of snowing and also a little explanation for it.

Last, the app is not covered with ads like others are. There are a few, but the amount is just okay. Plus, a bonus feature sends you a text message if a snow day is possible.

There is little space for improvement in this app, but I would like the UI to refresh for a better user experience. All in all, this is one handy tool for students across the US and Canada.

What Do I Like?

  • This app is straightforward to use
  • It works based on zip code for precision.
  • Snow day percentage calculator along with an explanation
  • It has fewer ads than other similar websites
  • It also sends a text message in case of a possible snow day

What Can Improve?

  • A UI refresh could be good.


The app and website are the most reliable tools I used throughout my student life.

2. Snow Day Chance

The following online tool for predicting the chances of a snow day uses the amount of snowfall your state can receive as a metric. It uses the well-known weather information site to come up with its predictions.

The results are in a color-coded visual map according to the amount of snow that needs to accumulate to cancel school. There is subtle information on the factors this tool uses to give out the results.

But this tool is present on another website and not its own. So the ads placement is a bit odd, and you also have to scroll down a bit to view the map finally. Also, the explanation of the results could be more user-friendly; after all, most of the audience is schoolgoers.

What Do I Like?

  • Snow Day Chance uses for getting information about snow day forecast
  • It makes predictions based on the amount of snow your state may receive
  • The results are in the form of a map
  • The map is color-coded
  • There is information about the factors used to make a prediction

What Can Improve?

  • This tool should have a separate website.
  • The results and the ads placement looks odd
  • The results need to be more clear


The Snow Day Chance Predictor is a good and authentic tool that could gain more users after fixing some fundamental problems.

3. Snow Forecast

Available on both Android and IOS, Snow Forecast gives an accurate and detailed forecast about the snowfall that your area is bound to receive, and it provides hourly results showing the prognosis of the snow. Plus, you get to know where it will snow first in the locations nearest to you.

This weather app is not only for American users but has a database for all the countries. The main focus of this app is on snow, but it will give you weather updates regardless too. Lastly, it has a feature of pushing notifications on your phone in case of possible snowfall.

But this snow day prediction calculator is primarily for hikers and skiers. Snow day forecast calculator Canada has information about 3200 resorts worldwide and about when they last received snow and how much. It helps skiers and hikers plan their adventures according to the weather forecasts. It does not give any information about whether you’ll have school or not.

What Do I Like?

  • App is available for android and iOS 
  • It gives detailed weather forecasts
  • It can provide alerts for possible snowfall
  • You can use it anywhere in the world
  • This app has information about resorts around the world

What Can Improve?

  • This app does not give information about school cancellation


If you need to have an idea about snowfall, this app is excellent. But if you want a specific snow day school calculator, it cannot help you much.

4. Snow Report & Forecast

This app costs almost $2.99 for no further in-app purchases and ads. It gives very detailed information about the weather predictions related to snowfall, winds, rain, etc.

You can view the weather report of 7 days altogether, with three days divided hourly. This app is handy for someone planning to travel up north. The weather updates are authentic since NOAA reports back them. There is information about the amount of snowfall, expected temperature, the possibility of a storm and blizzard.

The only limitation of this snow day chance calculator app is that it is only functional for Canada and North America. But it covers every location in both countries, and you can even choose your vicinity on a map.

What Do I Like?

  • This app gives detailed results.
  • The weather forecast is for the next seven days, with hourly updates
  • Authentic results since it uses NOAA reports
  • It covers all locations in Canada and America
  • It gives information about winds, temperature, and storm

What Can Improve?

  • It is only an American and Canadian day snow calculator


The Snow Report & Forecast Predictor app is a valuable and accurate app for determining the chances and amount of snow in your area.

5. Snow Day Finder

The Online Snow Day Finder website obtains its weather forecasts from, where these forecasts update after every half an hour. The prediction of a snow day in your state is made according to this information. 

I like how ads don’t make this website overwhelming. There are a few but in the right amount. The UI is excellent and matches the weather theme. Also, there is a list of the most prominent states of the USA, so you don’t have to enter your location every time you visit the website.

It gives predictions for the weather in your state for the daytime as well as nighttime. This information is crucial for determining whether your school will be on or off the next day. Plus, the weather forecasts are for the next three days.

But unlike SnowDay Calculator, zip code does not narrow down the results here. Rather, it makes predictions by the state so the results are a little too broad and may differ a bit based on your location.

What Do I Like?

  • The forecasts are accurate since backs them
  • The ads don’t feel overwhelming
  • There is a list of the USA’s primary states for quicker search
  • It gives day and night-time information
  • It predicts the weather for the next three days

What Can Improve?

  • There is no account of the type of your school.
  • The results are for the whole state, which is a bit broad


The Snow Day Finder is a decent competitor website for finding out the next possible snow day.

6. OpenSnow

OpenSnow is another handy application for android and iPhone users. It gives weather updates for the USA, Canada, and Europe as well. Skiers and hikers use this app regularly to plan their holidays and trips in line with the upcoming weather conditions.

OpenSnow gives hourly updates for the next three days and a summarised prognosis for ten days. It helps in determining the chances of having a snow day.

The best feature about this app is that it shows if the snowfall can block your nearby roads. This information is very crucial to deciding on the closure of schools.

But since this app also addresses skiers and other winter athletes, the primary focus is not on schools, and most features are related to mountainous regions and resorts.

What Do I Like:

  • Snow day Finder helps skiers and hikers plan their holidays better
  • It gives an hourly prognosis of weather for the next three days
  • Also informs if snow can block nearby roads

What Can Improve?

  • The primary focus is not on schools


Though not the best for school-going peers, this app is still great for determining the next snowfall in your region.

Winner of The 6 Best Snow Day Predictor Tools

So among the six chance of snow day finder apps and software that I reviewed above, which do I trust the most?

*drum rolls*

Snow Day Predictor!

Snowday predictor is my most reliable app that has seldom disappointed me. It has a primary focus on school, and college-going folks, and hence the results are more accurate. You get a tailored prediction according to your exact location, your school type, and your school’s history in such circumstances. With the Snow Day Chance Calculator app, college has become more predictable. It’s incredible how much this app considers while giving out a verdict. If you are enjoying winter holidays and wanna check out the best trendy bags in the market then should be your go-to place,

Snow Calculator – Backstory

The Snow Calculator app is like a legend with a great backstory, and it is undoubtedly one of the best snow probability calculators specific for students. It was developed back in late 2000’s and had been becoming better and better with each passing year.

So who is behind all the magic?

I found it hard to believe when I discovered that the founder of this app, was a sixth-grader when he developed the software. Snow Day Predictor Canada never stopped upgrading to receive more audience and help more people. Snowday calc retrieves weather information from the National Weather Service for authentic results. And The Snowday Calculator algorithm gives accurate results almost every time.

Several news agencies covered the story of the sixth-grader prodigy who has made snow days predictable across the country. Today, more than 5 million users abide by it and trust it to prepare for the next possible snow day.

The most wicked feature is how snowdaycalculator receives information about each school and their degree of leniency related to snow days to give more solid results each time.

snow day predictor for chances of snow storm


“A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky, unbidden, and seems like a thing of wonder.”

-Susan Orlean

Snow days come as a surprise and can be extremely fun if you prepare for them in advance. This snow day predictor app and website is reliable source to know when you’ll have the next snow day.

With this article, we have made you a pro at determining the chances of snow day tomorrow and all the ideas about what to do when you have one. So be an Elsa and sing with me: “The cold never bothered me anyway!”