Snow Day Activities For Kids (Indoor and Outdoor Games)

After going through all the forecasts and calculations, God has finally blessed you with a snow day. It means no school and a day for cozying up at home or spending hours playing outside in the snow.

If you are short of ideas on what to do on a snow day, here is a list of a few indoor and outdoor activities:

Snow Day Indoor Activities

1. Hot Chocolate

Nothing is better than rich and warm hot chocolate with a generous topping of marshmallows or whipped cream. Fix yourself a mug and enjoy the snowy scenery from your window while sipping.

have hot chocolate on a snow day

2. Movie Day

No school means having a movie marathon, and it gets even better if you can get some of your friends or family to join you with a bowl full of popcorn. 

3. Reading A Book

A snow day is perfect for cozying up under a blanket in your bed and catching up on your favorite book. Or maybe try a new one?

4. Blanket Forte

Gather a few chairs or sofas and hang a blanket between them. Defend your forte against raiders (your friends) and gather supplies for you to last the siege.

5. Board/Card Games

Gather some of your friends or family members and play a fun indoor game. Scrabble, bingo, sudoku, ludo, and monopoly are some examples. You can also try a new one.

ludo on a snowy day

Snow Day Outdoor Activities

1. Sled Racing

Sled racing is one of the most famous and fun snow day activities. All you need is a sled (or you can make one yourself) and a park nearby with a few hills, and you’re ready to slide down. Just be careful and try not to hurt yourself.

2. Build A Snowman

Bring out your inner Elsa and Anna, and make an Olaf for yourself. You can try different sizes and shapes and try new accessories. Don’t forget to click a picture to cherish your winter memories in the summers too.

3. Make A Snow Angel

For this, you’ll need loads of waterproof jackets and trousers because it needs to lie down in the snow and move your arms and legs. Compare your friends’ angels and see who makes the biggest.

4. Snowball Fight

This one’s a timeless classic. A snow day is incomplete without a snowball fight. You can even divide into teams and defend your snow castles from each other. But for all outdoor winter activities, always check a snowstorm probability calculator to avoid a dangerous blizzard.

5. Frozen Bubbles

Take some liquid soap and water in a dish and blow bubbles in it with a straw. Watch the bubbles start to freeze due to the chilly weather. You can also record the whole phenomenon in a slow cam recorder and enjoy it afterward.

snow ball


Here we have listed some indoor and outdoor snow day activities to enjoy the snowy day and have some fun. You can always use Snow day predictor app to find the probability of next snow day and any chance of school cancelation.

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